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            Standing unique and making a statement could be a mind set of any individual who is planning to build a dream home, design & interiors are of at most important and primary target and lot goes into making your interiors look fabulous & mind blowing. There is a world of difference when an expert and professional designer set on work compared to any individual home decorator.


          MTA Architects have tried to comply the latest interior trends of 2021, and some very useful and highly secretive tips on how professional work on interiors to give a fabulous effect to any home.


          It is all about making a space you live in more comfortable, functional and more over a reflection of your own true identity and interiors can make a big effect.


          Let’s start and take a deep insight of some professional secret’s to give your home a lively look.


           Colours have a power to change our mood and impact our behavior and neutralize us inside our home. So go for Warm, Earthy colors like brown, burnt umber, beige, terracotta, basically any earth tone could be the best choice, we need more warmth, comfort and cosines more than ever after the pandemic has hit and made us stay more indoors and made us think on how our interiors could help us make a better living.


          Trying going for a three style colour scheme, keeping in mind the proportion of 60% of your dominant colour, 30% of your secondary colour and 10% of your accent colour and you will never go wrong.


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